Logikamra (comes from ’Logika’ – Hungarian for logic and ’kamra’ – meaning cellar) hosts two bilingual Room-Escape-Games: WonderGround and Team Börtön. Logikamra features 80-minute playtime, 8 spectacular rooms, around 30 different locks to open, over 40 tricky puzzles to solve and an escape-ratio of less than 35%. Both levels were designed to pose a tough but highly enjoyable challenge.

Are you sharp?

Oh, of course you are. Well, you’d better be cause it is only yourselves who you can count on, once the steel doors are closed and the countdown is started.
We hope that you can find your way out in not more than 80 minutes – you see, it is easier for us too, if we don’t have to take care of the ones stuck in there forever. (Now at least you all know why the game needs to be paid before you actually start playing J)
If you are good, you will make your way out just before time runs out.
If you are very good, then your names will be on our TOP LIST (click!) along with your time result, and you will be the idols like Einstein, Tesla and Hawking of little kids for eons to come.
If you are super good, then there is a good chance that the best geneticians of the world will study you in an unknown facility for the greater good of mankind... You have been warned ;)

Challenge yourself

From time to time we have to measure our capabilities to prove ourselves that we can do something, or we can do it even better than others. The challenges posed by room-escape games are the kinds that train our brains just like chess or other mind games, but in a less ordinary and much more fun way. 

Faster, smarter : higher on the TOP LIST

We save data of each team’s performance in a database to build statistical models. We would like to see which one performs best: male-only, female-only or mixed teams. What is the effect of the age: can we expect younger teams to escape quicker, or since more age means more experience, should we bet on the older generation? And what about school? Will theoretical science help, or someone with a practical education should prevail (for example mathematician vs. policeman)? These are some of the questions we would like to answer based on our empirical researches.

A few minutes of practice

We would like you to have some time to get prepared for the challenge. So please arrive 10 minutes before the game and let's do a mental warm up together ;)